Testimonial 1

I underwent a 4 month course of reflexology sessions with Hayley which rang alongside a 4 month period of intense marathon training. Not only did Hayley help me to train safely and successfully (I completed my first ever marathon in Edinburgh and loved the experience) she also made the whole thing so much more enjoyable. After running for 20 miles, she would treat my feet with real care and skill. I would hobble into the treatment room and walk out feeling light as a feather an hour later. I highly recommend her, she knows what she is doing, and she is a very thoughtful practitioner. 5 stars!!!

Testimonial 2

When I first came to see Hayley I was really shy because I was worried my feet were too ugly and I hadn’t done a particularly good job of shaving my legs – I was so worried about looking silly! Only a few minutes in and my worried completely faded away. We had a private consultation and I felt completely at ease with both Hayley and the treatment – all fully discussed and questions answered before a sock even came off! I was guided to the treatment chair and I wish I could tell you how the treatment went but I was so relaxed I was asleep within minutes – a wonder for somebody who is frequently so worried about life they miss hours at night worrying about anything and everything. I was gently woken at the end of the treatment and felt like I’d been asleep for years – I felt incredible! Although I’d gone for my PCOS and related symptoms; I felt my whole mood lift and just felt totally revived. It’s hard to explain. Essentially my mental health went from being a 2 to a strong 9; I cannot recall the last time I felt so good. I would recommend Hayley to anyone, no matter how shy, she’s a miracle worker disguised as a therapist. For Anybody feeling cautious, just book it. Best decision I’ve ever had and a customer for life.